Disney Cruise Line Eastern Caribbean Cruise with a Toddler: Day 1

We just returned back home on dry land from an amazing 7 night Eastern Caribbean cruise on the Disney Fantasy for one last vacation as a party of 3! This was our way of doing a babymoon, but keeping our toddler involved (yes I know this is not really a babymoon, but whatever). We did a European babymoon when we were pregnant with our first son and wanted to do something exciting, but not exclude him. A Disney Cruise was the perfect option for rest, relaxation, and adventure for the entire family. 

Day 1 of Our Cruise

Arriving at the Port

Since we live near Port Canaveral, my Dad actually dropped us off at the cruise terminal. We opted for the earliest port arrival time we could get, so we could enjoy almost a full day on the ship with fewer crowds. This worked well for our first Disney Cruise and would happily do it again. We arrived around 11:30am and boarded in group 12. The boarding groups go FAST, so by the time we checked in and meet Goofy we were getting on the ship.
We saw Goofy almost immediately after entering the cruise terminal. Killian ran straight to him and gave him the biggest hug, I wish I’d had my camera ready to get a video. It was the perfect way to start the vacation! 

After Boarding

Once we boarded the ship, we picked up daily navigator at guest services (or the daily itinerary) to see what was happening on our first day. They have an app we used also, but I really enjoy the paper navigators. Then we headed to add myself to a character meet and greet we weren’t able to get in advance and add the character breakfast. We waited just a few minutes before securing both slots I wanted.
I headed to the spa to get rainforest room week pass for Matt & I. The rainforest room is a relaxation part of the spa, which is an add on service that cost $229 plus tip for a couple for the week during our sailing. The rainforest room has different aromatherapy showers, steam rooms, sauna, hot tubs that overlook the ocean and hot stone loungers. It is incredibly relaxing! 

Lunch on Board

We skipped the buffet and had a delicious sit down meal in one of the three main dining rooms, Animators Palate. I like having our first meal in one of the sit down restaurants rather than the hustle and bustle of the buffet, plus I think the food quality is slightly better. Not that I don’t enjoy a buffet. 
After lunch, roughly 1:00pm we headed up to register and get Killian acclimated to the nursery and kids clubs before heading to our cabin on Deck 9 to unpack and take naps. The cabins are typically ready around 1:30pm and they open our section almost exactly at 1:30pm. Anything you bring on board you do need to carry with you until the room is ready. 

Late Afternoon

Around 4:00pm it was time for the Muster Drill (emergency drill), our station was in the theatre balcony. After the short boring drill, we headed up to Deck 11 for the Sail Away Party to wave goodbye to Port Canaveral for a week of sailing bliss! The Sail Away Party is an awesome send off with Mickey and friends and lots of fun dancing. 

First Dinner on Board

By the time we got out of the port, it was time to get ready for our early dinner 5:45pm. Royal Court was our first dining room and where we met our amazing servers. We had the BEST serving team and already miss them. For dinner the highlight was the french onion soup for me and the Grand Marnier soufflé for dessert. This was not our favorite dinner of the cruise, but still very good and the soup was absolutely my favorite. 
Halfway through dinner, I took Killian up to the nursery to play and Matt and I finished dinner with incredible desserts then we went to the Rainforest room in the spa to relax sans toddler. The hot stone chairs are my favorite part of the Rainforest room and I could send an entire day reading on one. 

End of a Great First Day

After dinner we caught about 15 minutes of the first nighttime show, “A Fantasy Come True: Welcome Show” before it was bedtime for a very tired and excited toddler and parents. This was basically our only early bedtime and much needed for the week ahead! 
Stay tuned for details from Day 2!
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Disney World Gender Reveal


Prince or Princess What Will It Be?

We wanted to surprise our family with a gender reveal and do something a little different for our second baby. We had just found out the gender of our baby the week before a family vacation to Walt Disney World, so we thought it was the perfect opportunity to change it up with an exciting reveal. We had done a pregnancy announcement photo at Disney, so why not do a Disney World Gender Reveal too!

Our Reveal Idea

I had a million different ideas for a reveal and looked at a lot of different articles. I needed something that would be easy and quick since my family had no idea we’d be doing this! We had just found out days prior to this trip, so I really didn’t have time to order anything or prearrange something either. Ordering a cake was out and we had done that for our last gender reveal. We really wanted to do it while my family was all together. We decided on using Mickey balloons since they come in pink and blue and we could do the reveal at any opportune moment with the help of a Disney PhotoPass photographer. We could make it pink or make it blue and let everyone know!

How We Did the Reveal

This idea worked out perfectly! I told my family moments before the reveal so they were totally shocked. I found a photographer, named Mae, who wasn’t busy and she was so excited to help out! She helped me pick out a location that wasn’t busy while the parade was happening just off main street, so it would be a private moment for my family. My husband purchased the two balloons totaling $28. My niece was going to get the pink one after the reveal and our son was going to get the blue one, so no balloon went to waste either.

It was extremely extremely windy, so besides the wind blowing the balloons around the moment turned out exactly how I imagined it. We took some photos with both balloons then for the “reveal” I handed my mom the balloon of the gender our baby was not and kept the balloon that our baby was. In this case we are having a baby boy, so we kept the blue balloon to take photos with the blue one. Then we went over in front of the castle to snag some more photos with our blue balloon for our new little prince!

This was super easy fun way to announce we are having a little boy and my family was so surprised!


Disney World Pregnancy Announcement


We are so excited to announce we are expecting baby #2! Being a huge Disney fan, travel agent, and living just a short distance from Walt Disney World the only way I wanted to share our families exciting news was with an announcement taken at Disney. It just so happened that our timing also meant it was right around the holidays and the parks were all decked out perfect timing for a holiday announcement.

Our Ideas

I had about 100 different ideas on how to announce we were pregnant again, in front of the castle, with a baby onesie, or maybe with a sign. The little Mickey ear hats with our announcement embroidered on the back was on the top of my list. You can get the hats all over Disney property and have them embroidered on site with any message under a certain length. They make super cute announcement photos, but time constraints an a busy two year old that really wasn’t the best option for us.

Our Announcement Photo

Instead, I decided to pick up an I’m celebrating button and just write our surprise on it! You can pick up these buttons at almost any merchandise location or stand and the cast member working there will likely have a sharpie to write on it. I had our family coordinate colors for Christmas and posed in front of the Epcot Christmas tree. We originally planned to use photo pass photographers, which is the best option if you are alone. My parents were with us so instead I had my Dad snaps some photos of us while I held out the pin with our secret message. After about 30 different shots and a few funny ones of my toddler trying to pick his nose (keeping it real here), we had a perfect Disney announcement! It was easy, simple and quick for the toddler! Even better the celebration buttons are FREE!


If you are pregnant and thinking of doing a Disney announcement congratulations! This is such an exciting time of life and I am so excited for your family. Share in the comments how you did your announcement!


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30 Day Detox Results


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Cruising With A Baby On Disney Cruise Line


Are you planning on sailing with a baby? We did, it was amazing, and no you aren’t crazy! We sailed on Disney Cruise Line with our then 18-month-old son for 7 nights to the Western Caribbean. There were some trials, tears and tantrums, but he did great. He loved it and we loved it. While he won’t remember everything, we will and those memories will stay with us forever. Plus he did some pretty cool things, such as travel to 4 countries, tried new food, and met over 15 characters! What did we learn from cruising with (more…)

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Disney World Travel During Hurricane Season


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Hurricane season officially spans from June 1st through November 30th. This lines up with some of the most popular dates to travel to (more…)

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