Last week I shared that I was doing a 30 day detox and food journey. Today, I want to share my 30 day detox week 1 update. In this post, I will discuss how week 1 went, what were my struggles, and what were my results from 1 week. If you haven’t read my previous post 30 Day Detox to A Healthier Me, click here, to read it.

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Detox Recap

Let’s start with a quick recap. I was having some struggles still loosing weight after a baby (2 years ago) and some other health issues that I brought to the attention of my doctor. It was suggested that I possibly have a problem with yeast and mold and while I was working out and eating healthy I was just simply eating incorrectly for my body and at the wrong times. I have started a food journey that is more Keto based to help fix my eating habits and get rid of the yeast and mold. I’ve also started a detox to jumpstart that process. The detox I’ve been doing is called 30 Day Tummy Detox.

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What I Ate During Week 1


During week 1 we meal planned as much as possible and I really did stick with it. I was mostly skipping breakfast most days to accomplish my intermittence fasting goal. The days I did have breakfast it was eggs with avocado or something similar. I had my tummy toner tea every morning usually twice a day, which I love and it is delicious. I take it on the go with me now along with drinking loads of vinegar detox water. This really helped me with my coffee addiction and staying full longer. All day long I tried to drink as much water as possible.


For lunch I would eat with my son and try to eat basically the same thing he did. It was mostly leftovers from dinner, but days I didn’t have a leftover I had turkey and vegetables or an approved fruit. Today I had leftover from dinner last night, enchilada chicken with roasted pepper and tomato (no tortillas) with a small side of grapefruit and raspberries. It was actually really good and I ate my fruit as my “dessert”. For dinners I found a million and 1 candida diet and Keto recipes online that I tweaked to make fit my personal food journey. My doctor suggested that I have some things that you can’t normally have on both diets. Not all “diets” are one size fits all so keep that in mind. That is another reason I’ve been using food journey instead of diet.

For snacks I have been making smoothies with a small amount  of approved berries, spinach, matcha, and tummy greens. I will use a small amount of stevia if they come out too bitter. Some days I used an avocado others just ice and water. I have also had half an avocado as a snack or a hard boiled egg.


For dinners this week we had the enchilada chicken with roasted pepper and tomatoes, sirloin steak with mashed cauliflower and broccoli, southwest chicken and vegetable soup, and lemon chicken with zucchini noodles. We also ate out TWO nights due to plans we already had. Eating out we picked grilled entrees like chicken, steak, or fish and subbed the starchy side for a roasted or grilled vegetable and a side salad. It really wasn’t as difficult as it seemed it would be and we loved our food, but most expensive with all the subbing and adding. Side salads are like always more expensive than a potato unfortunately. We had to watch what sauces and dressings came with on our food and salad, but it was easy to find something suitable. Every other night I have been drinking my clean tummy tea and really like it. It tastes good and is a nice relaxing way to wind down.

What I Struggled With

I was mean, like really mean and cranky basically all week. I have also been really tired and not found it easy to work out, which I was hoping to do every day. I’ve had headaches and overall just not felt great some days. According to my doctor this is totally normal and it will get better, but it really has been tough. I also I want all the bad food (no surprise)! Like foods I had not clue I even craved I want them all. I thought about candy bars for like an hour yesterday. I NEVER eat candy bars. Luckily I can have some fruit, so I grabbed some berries and honestly the craving went away.

It has been hard to meal prep and commit to eating this way with a normal busy life. Making dinners and eating early has been an issue for us since my husband works late and I find it hard to get dinner ready with a crazy toddler running under my feet, but I did make it work all week. Even last night, I had a meeting at 6:30, but I made dinner and had it ready by 5:30 so I could get on my way. I definitely struggled this week, but hopefully I’ll get into a better grove and keep making it work until it becomes habit. Eating out was hard, I wanted french fries, a glass of wine and just a simple piece of bed that they had on the table, but I made it work and still had a great meal.

My Week 1 Results

Overall even with my crankiness and feeling tired, my body does feel good. I do feel less bloated which I felt almost immediately and that has just gotten better each day. I can also see my skin is starting to look clearer, brighter and smoother. The biggest difference is the fact I’ve already lost 5lbs, which I can not believe. I was not intending or trying to loose weight this quickly. At first I just thought it must be water weight, but the scale keeps steadily declining each day by about a 1lb each day. This is the first time in 2 years I have seen any kind of weight loss result no matter what I ate or how hard I worked out, so this is really big for me. The scale will slow down, but I am super happy with my week 1 results. I am feeling excited and no matter how hard it is I am ready to keep going.

I hope you will continue to follow my detox and food journey. As a reminder, I am not a doctor, and I am doing the with my doctors guidance and approval. Please consult and work with your doctor. I’d love to hear your results, tips or struggles in the comments!

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