We’re a little over a week in our 30-day detox and I can’t believe how well it’s going! Let me start off by saying I was skeptical of our one-week results because we went to an event during the weekend and we weren’t perfect that day. Hey, we are all human life is life things come up and we are trying to make a lifestyle change not just accomplish a 30-day challenge, so a being perfect all the time isn’t going to happen. I let it go and figured my week one results just wouldn’t be as great as I’d hoped. I was totally wrong and we still got great results in the first week. So, here’s my one week update and some tips I’ve learned along the first week of detoxing.

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Let’s recap. My husband and I are doing a detox and lifestyle change. I chose the Teami 30 Day Detox. Basically, we are eating a healthy as possible, clean eating, and drinking two types of Teami tea to help rid our body of toxins and chemicals. You can find more info about the detox here.

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Meal Prep and Portion Control are keys to success

Detoxing Tips

Meal prepping is key to success. Day 1-7 we meal prepped and it was perfect. Whenever I felt hungry or had a craving for something I had a healthy and portioned snack to eat instead.

Pre-made eggs have become my best friend! I typically never eat or make eggs unless it’s a weekend, but they are a perfect breakfast and snack. I made these Egg Baked Muffins twice and used them for breakfast. Hard-boiled eggs are also great for a snack or to add to salads. Such an easy way to add protein and stay full. I honestly think eggs saved me.

Meal prepping doesn’t have to be hard. Make 7 pieces of baked chicken, a variety of roasted vegetables (two portions per dinner), 12 hard boil eggs, 12 egg baked muffins, portion out nuts and fruits for 7 snacks, and chop vegetables and lettuce for 7 salads. You have a weeks worth of meals right there!

Drinking water is a huge! The day that we didn’t eat great, we did drink tons and tons of water. I was almost instantly bloated the morning after but I drank tons more water and after my drinking my Teami teas I was back to normal!

Salads need protein. The days I didn’t have enough or any meat on salads I made for lunch I regretted instantly. I struggled to get to dinner without an afternoon snack. If I had protein on my salad, I was full for a longer time. Plus look how yummy it looks above that one had a mashed avocado as the dressing!

Sweat out the toxins. This is a great way to get more out of the detox and of course, you need to work out to really see any benefit to this. We maintained at least 30 minutes or more of a workout every day and I really think this helped our week 1 results. If I couldn’t get a workout in, I walked my dogs for 30 minutes or longer.

Week one is probably going to be the easiest week, besides our little event out slip up, since we have excitement and momentum. I think we’re off to great start and hopefully, these tips help you out!

Update, tips and more after one week of detoxing

Review of Teami

We have absolutely loved our Teami teas. On this detox, we’ve been drinking the Teami Skinny and Teami Colon Cleanse teas. The skinny tea actually tastes really good. If you like green or white teas you will probably like the skinny tea. The colon cleanse tea is a little more bitter, but I still don’t have to add anything to it. You also, don’t need to be afraid of the name. The colon cleanse tea has not made us have any late night trips to the restroom or anything like that!

The teas are very simple to make and were an easy swap from coffee to tea in the morning. Actually, it may take less time to make the tea since all I do is pour hot water in the tumbler, add tea and go. I have gone more than a week now without a single drop of coffee and I actually have more energy and less crash than I did before. I feel like my entire office has been shocked I’m not constantly at the coffee pot anymore.

Review and Update of the Teami 30 Day Detox after one week

Week One Results

Yes, I made you read that entire thing before I got to the results! Now for the fun part. In the first week of the detox, we both have noticed our bloating being completely gone. I’ve had stomach problems forever, so this is huge for me. I didn’t even realize how bad it was until I didn’t have it anymore.

Also, the scale has moved! Who doesn’t like to shed a few pounds and that’s exactly what happened! Along with the bloating being gone, my tummy is getting flatter. I lost 2lbs and my husband lost 4lbs. It’s actually really hard for me to loose weight, so I wasn’t expecting to even lose 1lb during the first week. I was completely shocked, especially since we weren’t perfect with our diet/exercise.

Overall, week one was a complete success and I cannot wait to keep going. Already week two has been more of a struggle, but I’m confident after 30 days I will be off to a great new lifestyle.

If you are interested in trying this detox head over to Teamiblends.com and use code ThePikes for 10% off products.

Teami Detox one week update!

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