Nashville Hot Chicken Recipe


Try the Nashville Craze at Home with this Hot Chicken RecipeNashville Hot Chicken…..

has been around forever. However, it just recently became a craze. I grew up in Nashville and while I remember people referencing hot chicken, I don’t remember it being a thing until after I graduated high school. I’m HUGE fan of anything spicy, so I’m shocked I never had this dry rubbed spicy chicken sooner. The company I worked for out of college had the Nashville hot chicken restaurants, Bolton’s, vend at their music venue. Part of my job was working with the vendors. After telling the owner, Mr. Mathews, I’d never tried hot chicken he gave me some. I was hooked from that moment on. Shortly after this, hot chicken took (more…)

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Mexican Fajita Bowls

Take Mexican Night Up a Notch and Make These Simple Fajita Bowls

Mexican food is a staple in my house. I love a taco Tuesday. I am always looking for a way to get an extra Mexican meal into my week. These Mexican Fajita Bowls make a great dinner. They were extremely easy to make and delicious. This was definitely a what’s in the pantry dinner. We traveled to visit family in Nashville last week. My husband was traveling the week before, so I felt lucky to even find the ingredients to make this dish.

Take Mexican Night Up a Notch and Make These Simple Fajita Bowls

Ingredients Used For Mexican Fajita Bowls

The ingredients for this recipe were based on what I had on hand. I purchased a few pounds of organic frozen ground turkey from a local farm. When I went to make dinner, I was thrilled to find 1lb left in my freezer. I also had some peppers, 1 tomato, (more…)

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Bone Broth – What’s The Deal?


I’m sure some of you are wondering why my last two recipe posts have included bone broth. I use a lot of stocks and broths in the meals I cook. A lot of recipes call for stocks and they help add wonderful flavor to dishes, but there is a bigger reason I’m always adding in broths to my food.

What Is Bone Broth and Why Use It?

Bone broth is made by roasting animal bones with vegetables and letting them shimmer for hours.After you remove the bones, minerals and (more…)

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