Beer Can Chicken


Grilling is almost like a summer olympic sport in my house. Ever spring I anticipate dustin off our weber and get out the charcoal. When the weather is finally warm enough, there is nothing better than a summer night spent grilling on the patio. Beer can chicken is something I always wanted to make. Don’t wait! Make it immediately before summer is gone. It is the juiciest chicken in the world. I cannot wait to make it again.

Beer Can Chicken - Grill Recipes - The Pike's Place

We recently had family in town. Since moving, we had not explored one of the oldest farmers markets in the country. It is a short drive from our new house. We wandered around the market with the plan to get groceries to grill out for dinner. A farmers market is an experience in itself. You can find so many different types of fruits, veggies, meats, trinket and this market had chickens and bunnies.

Beer Can Chicken - Grill Recipes - The Pike's Place
After visiting booth after booth to see the different items and prices we came across a butcher that had fabulous prices on free range organic whole chickens. I felt (more…)

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Tomato Basil Chicken


Simple & Delicious Dinners - The Pike's Place Recipes

Quick and simple is always my moto for dinners. I use what I have on hand and hardly ever make anything in advance, unless of course it’s in a crock pot. Tomato with basil and balsamic vinegar is one of my favorite things. When I stumbled upon some fresh local tomatoes I new I had to make this dish. With it being 4th of July weekend, there hasn’t been much time to plan out dinner and make a huge meal. This is a 30 minute meal (more…)

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White Wine Lemon Chicken – What’s in the Pantry Dinner


What’s In the Pantry Dinner Idea

White Wine Lemon Chicken - Quick & Easy Dinner Recipes, The Pike's Place

White Wine Lemon Chicken with Roasted Potatoes

This week I had one of those nights. A hungry husband and nothing to make for dinner. I made this way to easy chicken and roasted potatoes with what I had on hand and it was a hit! For an easy dinner idea, look no further than a 30 minute (more…)

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