A Luxury Trip to Tuscany, Itlay - The Pike's Place
We started our travels through Italy at the epicenter of ancient history sightseeing through Rome. After we left Rome, we headed north to a slower pace of life Tuscany. We traveled by train from Rome and had to change trains in Florence. It was the perfect opportunity for some shopping and lunch before getting the second train to the city of Lucca. Once in Lucca we grabbed a taxi to the villa where we were staying.

A Journey through Italy
Days 6-9 Tuscany

Tuscany Countryside - A Trip to Tuscany, Itlay - The Pike's Place

Where We Stayed

Villa Controni- Lucca Tuscany
Via di Vorno, 84, Capannori LU, Italy

A Luxury Trip to Tuscany, Itlay
We were in Lucca for a wedding and stayed in a villa with the rest of the wedding guests. There are plenty of villas and hotels you can rent a room in throughout the region. All of them have their own charm. The estate we were at dated to the 15th century and included multiple villas each with its own pool. The grounds were breathtaking and we felt like royalty. Relaxing at the pool with my husband overlooking vineyards and olive groves is my favorite memory from the trip. Don’t miss the opportunity to book at room at one of these estates and take a few days of relaxation among the beautiful nature of this region! A taxi was about 30 euros from the train station in Lucca to where we stayed.

Villa Controni Italy, - A Trip to Tuscany, Itlay - The Pike's Place


Where We Ate:


Osteria Dell’Olio 
Sit outside in little open air veranda and bask in the renaissance architecture that encompasses  Florence. While we dined we watched tourists hustle and bustle around towards the Duomo. Good service and food. The place was fairly priced for being a block away from the Duomo.


The Cucina Dello Scompiglio
This delicious winery and restaurant is off the beaten path and a taste of life for the locals in the area. We walked here from our villa, but this place would be worth a taxi trip if we hadn’t been near by. Make sure to dine outside on their open air patio among views of the Tuscan hills.

Views in Tuscany, - A Trip to Tuscany, Itlay - The Pike's Place

Meals At The Villa

Most of our meals were provided at the villa we stayed at. We had a daily breakfast of meats, fruits and cheeses. This is not your typical breakfast to us in the states, but very typical in Italy. Since we were attending a wedding, two of our dinners were at the villa. As you can imagine, the wedding we attended was magnificent and included a pastry chef creating an Italian wedding cake before our eyes.

A Luxury Trip to Tuscany, Itlay
Don’t worry if you aren’t in Tuscany for a wedding there are many local restaurants to choose from where you can feast on the amazing Tuscan food.

If you visit this region try dishes and ingredients the area is known for. My favorites were Pecorino cheese, steak alla fiorentina, Chianti wine, olives, panzanella and ribollita

Italian Wedding Cake, - A Trip to Tuscany, Itlay - The Pike's Place
Italian Wedding Cake


What To See


We were only in Florence for a few hours and spent that time shopping, eating,  walking around looking at architecture. There are a lot of things not to miss in Florence. Florence is a city for art and the Renaissance. My wonderful husband is not a huge art museum fan and I had been to Florence on a previous trip, so this time we skipped the museums.

Duomo Florence, Italy - A Trip to Tuscany, Itlay - The Pike's Place

My favorite things to see in Florence

  • The Duomo – Cathedral of Santa Maria dei Fiore
  • Accademia Gallery – This museum houses Michelangelo’s David. Get a reservation online in advance.
  • Ponte Vecchio – this is my absolute favorite sight in Florence!
  • Baptistry of San Giovanni
  • Uffizi Gallery
  • Palazzo Vecchip
  • Muso Nazionale del Bargello

A Luxury Trip to Tuscany, Itlay


We stayed at our villa most of the time we were in Tuscany. We lounged by the pools, drank wine, relaxed and walked around the gorgeous grounds. We did go into Lucca one day. This city is really cute. The historic town is still surrounded by stone walls. It’s easy to walk around, shop and a great place to grab lunch. We found a little restaurant and sat outside for a sandwich and beer. There is a small church, some museums and some other things to see inside the city walls. This is also a great town to rent bikes and ride around.

A Luxury Trip to Tuscany, Itlay

There is so much more to Tuscany and many other cities to experience than we went too. However, I highly recommend picking one town and staying there for a few days. It was extremely relaxing and a vacation from our vacation. Slow down for a few days, enjoy time with friends, gorgeous views, great food and wine. It is an experience I will never forget and one many people miss out on while traveling. If you try to cram too much into your vacation, you might miss out on the gems these towns have to offer.


Lucca, Italy - A Trip to Tuscany, Itlay - The Pike's Place

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