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Disney Fantasy Palo Dinner Review


Palo is an adult only reservation recommended restaurant on board Disney Cruise Lines ships. You can find this restaurant on Deck 12 of the Disney Fantasy. It is a high end restaurant with an uncharge and dress code. It is currently $40 per adult for both brunch (on select at sea days) and dinner. On our last Disney Cruise we opted for a date night dinner at Palo.

Dinner at Palo

After checking in for our meal, we went to the outdoor section of the bar Meridian to wait for our table. We had the earliest reservation time, 6:00pm, so that we could get the amazing port views BEFORE sunset! This is a must!!!! The views from this restaurant are breathtaking. We were seated right by the huge glass windows and got an amazing view of the ship pulling away from port right as the sun went down. Extremely romantic for our babymoon, or any special occasion or date night! We were even seated near a large group that was having their wedding rehearsal dinner there.

Meal at Palo

This is a higher end multiple course meal. You can order as many things as you want and treat you like royalty! They offer an a la carte menu for $40.00 or a prix fixe menu with wine pairings for $65.00. We opted for the al la carte menu. We started the meal with drinks. Matt ordered a glass of wine by the waiters suggestion and I ordered iced tea, which they said they were famous for because they make their own ice cubes out of the iced tea itself. He wasn’t wrong, it was delicious!

To begin the meal we were brought an amuse bouche, which was a small bite of a delicious fried gnocchi. For my antipastas I ordered the Tomato Mozzarella Caprese and Matt ordered the Tuscan White Bean Soup. Both were excellent but I enjoyed the freshness and lightness of the caprese over the soup. We were then presented with a lemon sorbet palette cleaner. It was extremely refreshing!

For pastas, Matt ordered both the Gnocchi and the Ravioli and I also ordered the Paccheri, which was a lamb ragu. The Paccheri was definitely the hit of the entire meal, it was to die for. Matt would have eaten an entree of my Paccheri, he loved it that much! The Gnocchi was our least favorite item. We both preferred the amuse bouche gnocchi to the dish. The Ravoli again was good, but not the big hit. Matt enjoyed it more than the gnocchi and would get it again though.

For our main entrees, I ordered the Parmesan Crusted Rack of Lamb and Matt ordered the Osso Buco. I thought both were excellent! I enjoyed my lamb more than Matt’s Osso Buco, so that would be my pick in entrees. Nothing we ate was bad, I don’t think you will be disappointed if you ordered exactly like we did, but some were more of a hit than others.

For dessert we both got soufflés. I ordered their signature chocolate souffle, which came with a side of vanilla gelato and Matt ordered the Amaretto which was sided with an espresso gelato. Both are incredible and I’d order either again depending if you are a chocolate person! Seriously these might have been the best desserts I have ever eaten. To finish the meal we were offered a digestif and they made me a special non-alcoholic version. The entire meal was too die for and more food than I could ever eat! I would go back again and again.

What do with your child(ren) if you are eating in an adult only restaurant?

This is where Disney Cruise Line excels! If you want to dine without your child(res) of any age you can on Disney Cruise Line. Since children are not allowed in Palo, our son went to the nursery, which has a small fee per hour and he ate dinner there. They serve meals each day during lunch and dinnertime if you wish to dine in one of the adult only restaurants or if you want to eat a meal without your child for whatever reason. It is a kid friendly meal, I believe it was mac and cheese with veggies on the side that night. They let you know if you child ate or not, but they do not force them too eat they just offer the meal.

The kids clubs also offer meals and if you have an older tween or teen they can eat on their own in the buffet, during your regular mealtime or one of the many quick pickup places around the ship. While our son was in the nursery evening Pirate Stitch even came to see the kids! I was kind of sad or jealous that we missed his encounter with Stitch, but how cool is that?

I highly recommend dining at Palo if you are on a longer Disney Cruise or this not your first Disney Cruise. For 3-4 nights cruises you may want to skip Palo, since the regular restaurants are still really special and you rotate to a different one each night. Reservations can be hard to get so make sure you book this in advance or check for a reservation right after you board the ship the very first day. We chose to eat dinner during pirate night and this is a great option if you don’t care as much about the pirate night dinner and it seems to be easier to get a reservation at an earlier time!

Disney Cruise Line Eastern Caribbean Cruise with a Toddler: Day 2


We just returned back home on dry land from an amazing 7 night Eastern Caribbean cruise on the Disney Fantasy for one last vacation as a party of 3! This was our way of doing a babymoon, but keeping our toddler involved (yes I know this is not really a babymoon, but whatever). We did a European babymoon when we were pregnant with our first son and wanted to do something exciting, but not exclude him. A Disney Cruise with our toddler was the perfect option for rest, relaxation, and adventure for the entire family. This post is about Day 2, an at sea day and formal night. If you want to read about Day 1 first click here

Day 2: Day at Sea & Formal Night


Morning Character Breakfast

We started off our first full day and day at sea with a Disney Junior Character breakfast. Now this was something we did on our previous cruise with our then 18 month old. It did not go well and we thought we’d give it another shot since he was older and could now sit through a breakfast. Well… bad news it still did not go well. We experienced bad service, poor food, and quick inattentive character interactions exactly like the last time we sailed. Skip the character meal! You aren’t allowed to leave your chair so the characters come behind you to get a photo. This just didn’t sit well with our toddler and he was very unhappy. Go to the buffet and leave the character meet and greets for later in the day.

After breakfast we wanted to meet Jessie at her scheduled time since Killian was in an adorable Toy Story themed outfit. He was still in a bad mood from breakfast, so this meet and greet really didn’t go well. Parent fail: don’t push an unhappy toddler. He will remain unhappy.


Adult Time, Playtime & Pool Time

After the breakfast and character meets, we decided to take Killian to play in the kids club open house. This was perfect for our restless boy. We played for a bit and then checked him into the nursery so he could continue having fun. Matt and I headed to the adult only section to lounge in the super comfy pool chairs, grab coffee in the adult coffee bar and relax before heading to the Rainforest Room. The Rainforest Room was PACKED this morning, so I highly recommend going later in the day and avoiding it in the mid morning or around lunchtime on at sea days. 

Around noon we picked up Killian from the nursery and headed back to the family pool deck and Nemo’s Reef splashpad. This splashpad is fully shaded water play area themed for Finding Nemo and perfect for the toddler set or in swim diapers. It is actually the only swim diaper allowed water play area on board. Our son is mostly potty trained, but we didn’t want to risk it in the main pools. We stuck to the splash pad and smaller side funnel puddle. He had no accidents, but just in case we played in safe. Nemo’s Reef is and was basically his favorite thing on the ship. He loved the Mr. Ray waterslide and wanted to go on it endlessly for hours.

Pool Deck Lunch

Since our little fish didn’t want to give up playing in the water. I hopped in the buffet and got us all lunch and found a table on the pool deck for a lovely water view lunch. Cabanas has everything from American kid friendly mac and cheese, pizza, pasta, to a cold seafood buffet and some international cuisine. There is also always a few soup options and a salad bar. For lunch we had a selection of chicken tenders, burgers, fries, mac and cheese, pizza, fish, shrimp, cucumber salad, and steamed veggies. It was not our healthiest meal, but it was quick, tasty, and very toddler approved.

After lunch, we headed back to the room for nap time. The cabin is set up nicely for naps since there is a curtain separating the main bed from the couch or bunk beds. It is still just one room, but the separating curtain makes it slightly easier to get a restless toddler down. 

Late Afternoon

After nap time we started to get all dolled up for formal night. We wandered the ship a bit getting some photos and checked out the merchandise stores for the first time before heading to the captain reception where Matt picked up a couple free beers, we met some of the captains crew and listened to live music in the atrium. 

We decided to head up to the open house in one of the kids club and took the main elevator where we had one of the best character interactions EVER! Daisy Duck all dolled up in her formal attire got on an empty elevator with us and rode with us up to deck 5 then walked hand in hand with our toddler for awhile before hugging him goodbye. I think they was one of the most precious moments ever and will make this mama teary eyed for years! Just thinking back about how special it was is one of the many reason I will cruise Disney again. It was total magic that would never happen anywhere else!

Formal Night Dinner

After we played in the Oceanear Lab for a bit it was time for dinner. We headed down to Deck 3 Aft for our dinner in Animators Palate. This is our favorite dining room and on the first night you dine there there is a special show with a Finding Nemo favorite. Our toddler LOVED seeing Crush and his other Nemo friends on the big screens around the dining room and it kept him thoroughly entertained until he was done eating and we took him to the nursery. 

For dinner, I had the black truffle pasta purseittes, arugula salad, pennette bolognese and chocolate fudge cheesecake. Matt had the sliced serrano ham, baked potato and cheddar cheese soup, grilled tuna steak, and deconstructed carrot cake. The highlight for me was the pasta purseittes and for Matt the baked potato and cheddar cheese soup. I really enjoyed my pennette bolognese entrees, but Matt was not a fan of the tuna steak. 

End of Great Second Day

After dinner we thought we would have to pick up Killian from the nursery, because he was not very happy when I dropped him off, but when we checked on him he was very happily playing and did not want to leave. We decided to go check out one of the adult bar Skyline Lounge for a cocktail for Matt and mocktail for me. This is a stunning bar with different skyline city views every 15 minutes. They made me a delicious mock mojito and Matt had one of their signature drinks. We took our drinks to go and headed to adult only 80s music trivia where we failed miserably, but had a lot of fun. Then watched about 30 minutes of the nighttime show Believe before heading to pick up Killian.

Around 9:30 we split up and Matt picked up Killian from the nursery while I grabbed the first spot in line to meet Captain Mickey. This was one of my MUST DOs for my Mickey loving toddler and at 9:30pm the line is much more manageable. While we were waiting for Mickey who was running a bit late, rockstar Diasy Duck came over again and danced for a bit with Killian while we waited! Then we had a fantastic and adorable character meet and greet with the wonderful Captain Mickey before heading to bed with our very overtired, but very happy toddler.

Stay tuned for details from Day 3!

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Disney Cruise Line Eastern Caribbean Cruise with a Toddler: Day 1

We just returned back home on dry land from an amazing 7 night Eastern Caribbean cruise on the Disney Fantasy for one last vacation as a party of 3! This was our way of doing a babymoon, but keeping our toddler involved (yes I know this is not really a babymoon, but whatever). We did a European babymoon when we were pregnant with our first son and wanted to do something exciting, but not exclude him. A Disney Cruise was the perfect option for rest, relaxation, and adventure for the entire family. 

Day 1 of Our Cruise

Arriving at the Port

Since we live near Port Canaveral, my Dad actually dropped us off at the cruise terminal. We opted for the earliest port arrival time we could get, so we could enjoy almost a full day on the ship with fewer crowds. This worked well for our first Disney Cruise and would happily do it again. We arrived around 11:30am and boarded in group 12. The boarding groups go FAST, so by the time we checked in and meet Goofy we were getting on the ship.
We saw Goofy almost immediately after entering the cruise terminal. Killian ran straight to him and gave him the biggest hug, I wish I’d had my camera ready to get a video. It was the perfect way to start the vacation! 

After Boarding

Once we boarded the ship, we picked up daily navigator at guest services (or the daily itinerary) to see what was happening on our first day. They have an app we used also, but I really enjoy the paper navigators. Then we headed to add myself to a character meet and greet we weren’t able to get in advance and add the character breakfast. We waited just a few minutes before securing both slots I wanted.
I headed to the spa to get rainforest room week pass for Matt & I. The rainforest room is a relaxation part of the spa, which is an add on service that cost $229 plus tip for a couple for the week during our sailing. The rainforest room has different aromatherapy showers, steam rooms, sauna, hot tubs that overlook the ocean and hot stone loungers. It is incredibly relaxing! 

Lunch on Board

We skipped the buffet and had a delicious sit down meal in one of the three main dining rooms, Animators Palate. I like having our first meal in one of the sit down restaurants rather than the hustle and bustle of the buffet, plus I think the food quality is slightly better. Not that I don’t enjoy a buffet. 
After lunch, roughly 1:00pm we headed up to register and get Killian acclimated to the nursery and kids clubs before heading to our cabin on Deck 9 to unpack and take naps. The cabins are typically ready around 1:30pm and they open our section almost exactly at 1:30pm. Anything you bring on board you do need to carry with you until the room is ready. 

Late Afternoon

Around 4:00pm it was time for the Muster Drill (emergency drill), our station was in the theatre balcony. After the short boring drill, we headed up to Deck 11 for the Sail Away Party to wave goodbye to Port Canaveral for a week of sailing bliss! The Sail Away Party is an awesome send off with Mickey and friends and lots of fun dancing. 

First Dinner on Board

By the time we got out of the port, it was time to get ready for our early dinner 5:45pm. Royal Court was our first dining room and where we met our amazing servers. We had the BEST serving team and already miss them. For dinner the highlight was the french onion soup for me and the Grand Marnier soufflé for dessert. This was not our favorite dinner of the cruise, but still very good and the soup was absolutely my favorite. 
Halfway through dinner, I took Killian up to the nursery to play and Matt and I finished dinner with incredible desserts then we went to the Rainforest room in the spa to relax sans toddler. The hot stone chairs are my favorite part of the Rainforest room and I could send an entire day reading on one. 

End of a Great First Day

After dinner we caught about 15 minutes of the first nighttime show, “A Fantasy Come True: Welcome Show” before it was bedtime for a very tired and excited toddler and parents. This was basically our only early bedtime and much needed for the week ahead! 
Stay tuned for details from Day 2!

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