Kilimanjaro Safaris

On Kilimanjaro Safaris you get an up-close view of live African animals in their natural habitats during an 18-minute expedition into the 110-acre Harambe Wildlife Reserve.

The Daytime Attraction

Located in the Africa section of Animal Kingdom theme park, Kilimanjaro Safaris takes you on an open-air guided tour into the African outback. Over 34 different species of exotic African wildlife “roam” free. I have been on Kilimanjaro Safaris countless times and every trip is a different experience. You will see different animals and hear different information and the animal fact each time you ride. A lot of people suggest riding this ride first thing in the morning and while it is true the animals are a little more active in the morning, you can see animals at all times of the day.


Babymoon in Dublin – Part 3


We spent close to two weeks traveling around London, Dublin, and Paris while I was pregnant. With amazing public transport and great walkability, it was so easy to visit Europe while pregnant. Our first and last stop was Dublin. In this post, I will go over where we what we did on our babymoon in Dublin on Day 3. If you haven’t already, check out Dublin Part 1 or Part 2 first and stay tuned for posts about our other destinations!

On our last day in Dublin, we decided to get breakfast at a local restaurant near our hotel, walk to O’Connell Street to see the Spire, take the (more…)

On The Road To runDisney – AGAIN


You may have realized I haven’t posted about runDisney in awhile. That isn’t because I don’t like the races or wanted to stop running. It was the exact opposite. I was signed up to run in the Wine & Dine 10K last year. Then I found out I was pregnant and my due date was the EXACT SAME DAY I was signed up to run in Wine & Dine. So needless to say, (more…)

Be Our Guest – Prix Fixe Menu Review


Be Our Guest Restaurant at Walt Disney World changed from a traditional menu to a Signature Dining 3-course Prix Fixe menu on July 27, 2018. We went to check out the new menu and eat in Beast’s Castle on the second day the menu was available. The current price (more…)

Using FastPass+ at Walt Disney World


FastPass+ allows Walt Disney World resort guests to reserve “Fast Passes” for select Disney park attractions up to 60 days in advance of their check-in date and non-resort guests 30 days in advance of their arrival date. FastPass+ is basically a reservation to get in a shorter line for that attraction during a specific time window. This can shorten your wait time drastically or guarantee you access to a show if used correctly. It’s also completely free and included in park admission for EVERY (more…)

Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios


Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios

Toy Story Land is a cute new Toy Story themed land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It opened on June 30th, 2018 and we had the pleasure to visit it on July 4th less than a week after its opening. As you enter the land you are supposed to be walking into Andy’s backyard and become the size of one of his toys. It’s a pretty small Land. I don’t think I really felt the size of a toy, and my husband had no idea what the theme was besides just bright colors and toys. He loved that he had most of the toys they featured growing up (more…)

A Quick Guide to Walt Disney World Planning


The days of just showing up to Disney buying a ticket and walking through the gates are long gone. If you’ve never been to Disney World before you may not realize the amount of planning people put into their vacations to the magical land of Disney. You can book vacation packages 499 days in advance, dining reservations 180 (more…)

Using a Baby Carrier at Disney World


We just took our son for his first visit at Disney World. We tried using a stroller and using a baby carrier and there were pros and cons to both. Here are my thoughts on using a carrier or babywearing at Disney World and why it might be a good idea for your family.

Why Use a Carrier

Many people love and prefer to babywear at Disney World. A carrier gives you the freedom to have your hands free, not need to park or fold up your stroller, not leave it unattended, and baby is always safely attached to you! It is super easy to walk around (more…)

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