Kelsey Pike is the creator and writer of The Pike’s Place. The idea for this blog came about when Kelsey was planning her own wedding and looking for inspiration for her bachelorette party, planning the honeymoon and getting ideas for decorating their new home. Kelsey and her husband love to travel and decided to have not only destination bachelor/bachelorette parties, but also a destination wedding in Breckenridge, CO.

An avid Disney goer, Kelsey went to college within a two-hour drive of Walt Disney World. After graduating college, her love of all things mouse related never ceased and she travels to Disney at every chance she has. Kelsey spent her 25th birthday and had her bachelorette party at Walt Disney World. This year she added two runDisney events to her travel plans.

Being a newlywed, Kelsey loves creating new recipes for her husband to enjoy and pinching pennies creating homemade gifts and home decor. With their big move from Nashville, TN to St. Louis, MO this past winter, the new Pike’s had a the fun task of decorating a brand new home. This gave Kelsey the opportunity to decorate a blank canvas and test out DIY projects she had been dreaming up.

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Kelsey Pike