Star Wars: Galaxy Edge has been announced along with a number of other exciting changes coming to Walt Disney World, Disneyland and Disney Cruise Line in the next year, so naturally you’re excited and want to book a Disney vacation in 2020. I get it, 2019 is well underway and I can’t wait to book my own vacation for 2020. Disney Cruise Line itineraries are not available for all of 2020 and neither are packages for any of 2020 at Disneyland or Walt Disney World. So when can you expect to be able to book a Disney vacation for 2020? Let’s discuss what we do know.

In previous years, Walt Disney World packages for the next year have opened towards the end of June on the following dates:

June 19, 2018: 2019 vacation packages released
June 20, 2017: 2018 vacation packages released
June 21, 2016: 2017 vacation packages released
June 22, 2015: 2016 vacation packages released

Most of us anticipate the 2020 Walt Disney vacation packages release date to be around the same time this year. However, Disney likes to surprise us. Disney released its popular Free Dining offer on January 2nd, which is four months earlier than it has been offered previous years. So, it is hard to know at this time if Disney will also move up the release of 2020 Walt Disney World vacation packages as well.

“I was told I can book 499 days in advance.”

Here is where it gets a little complicated. Room-only reservations are available to reserve 499 days in advance. However, a room-only reservation will not include tickets, dining plans, and any other components. You also cannot book online or see these rates online yet. This will need to be by calling Disney directly or having your travel agent do that on your behalf. If you decide to do a room-only booking far in advance, you will have to cancel your reservation later on if you want to add your tickets, dining plans, or any other options when 2020 vacation packages are announced. This would require canceling your current room-only reservation, putting down a new deposit on the package, and waiting for Disney to refund your previous deposit. I always advise waiting for the packages to be released to book your vacation.

What about Disneyland packages?

If Disney follows historical trends you can expect those to be released late July or early August.

And Disney Cruises?

Here is where you may be in luck! If you are looking for a Disney Cruise, Disney Cruise Line itineraries are currently available to book through September 2020!

Would you like to be notified when Disney releases packages for 2020 or ready to book something now for 2019?

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