Finally, winter is fading away and blossoms are starting to show up around our house. I love spring and with the change of seasons it’s always a great time to make a new wreath. Today I’m going to show you how to make an easy spring wreath to spruce up any door!

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DIY home decor and more - A Simple Spring Wreath


You can buy these supplies at any craft store. I purchased my raffia wreath on sale for $4.00 and the fake tulips for $1.99 at JoAnns. In total my wreath cost a little over $6 with tax. (wire cutters I borrowed from my husband’s tool kit and I already owned the wreath hanger)

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  1. Cut the bottom off the tulips with wire cutters to make each flower its own individual piece
  2. Insert each tulip into the raffia wreath in any pattern around the wreath. I tried to mix up the colors and spread them out. No glue needed!
  3. Once you like the way the tulips are placed, you are done.
  4. Hang it up and enjoy your pretty door!


You can design this wreath any way you like, add more tulips, different types of flowers and take then out and redo them if it doesn’t turn out the way you like the first time.

My wreath has been up for 2 weeks and not a single tulip has fallen out. The reason I didn’t glue it in place was so I can take the tulips off and make a different wreath for summer. If you want to reuse this wreath year after year, take a hot glue gun and glue each flower in place.


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