Babymoon in Dublin – Part 1


We spent close to two weeks traveling around London, Dublin, and Paris last summer while I was pregnant. With amazing public transport and great walkability, it was so easy to travel Europe while pregnant. Our first and last stop was Dublin. In this post, I will go over where we stayed and what we did on our babymoon in Dublin on Day 1. Stay tuned for posts about our other destinations!

Dublin is near and dear to my heart. In college, I lived in Dublin for 6 months studying at Dublin City University in Santry on the outskirts of Dublin. Our babymoon was almost 7 years exactly from when I last stepped foot on the emerald isle and I was so excited to return. My husband had never been to Dublin or actually any of the cities we visited on this trip. I had been to all three, but naturally, I’d spent far more time in Dublin than anywhere else. This led us not to do as many touristy things as maybe we would have if I’d never lived there before.

Dublin Babymoon Day 1

Lunch at Black Lion Inn

After checking into our hotel mid morning and leaving our bags with the bellhop, we walked to a nearby restaurant, Black Lion Inn, on the suggestion of the hotel. They serve a daily carvery and it was a great first traditional Irish meal. My meal was roast beef, with mashed potatoes, peas, carrots, roast potatoes, stuffing and a popover all covered in gravy. It was pregnancy heaven. I believe my husband got the fish instead of the roast beef, but I was too excited about my meal to care. The restaurant is really a pub that serves lunch. At many places like this one, you will order from a counter kind of like a quick service, where you pick out what sides you want with your protein. Except they have a buffet style carving station and it’s amazing. It’s also usually good value for your money. Our meal was around 20 euro for both of us.

Guinness Tour

Our room was now ready to get into, so we went back to the hotel after lunch to rest and get cleaned up. Finally! It was about an 8-hour flight and we felt gross. Even though I was pregnant we couldn’t miss a trip to Guinness. I got tickets online for their self-guided tour. You get a designated time and don’t have to wait in line to go in. You also get a free pint of Guinness and get to try samples on the tour, so more beer for Matt! (You’ll see a trend here since we did a few things like this on our trip and Matt just always got extra to drink.)

Guinness Tour Continued

We walked to the correct bus line stop near our hotel and took it just a short distance to Guinness. The tour is a wonderful self-guided tour and very interactive with tons of photo spots. I highly recommend it, even with children. The tour takes you on a self-guided walk through the original Guinness storehouse taking you through the process of making Guinness, its history, marketing and Guinness today. There are multiple interactive stops with guides explaining key details. The tour ends at their 360 bar on top of the storehouse with incredible views of the city. There is a large merchandise shop they would love you to visit on our way out. We got a fun poster. I highly recommend purchasing tickets in advance before you arrive and book a time before the sun sets so you can see the wonderful views.

Temple Bar

After Guinness, we hopped back on a bus and got off around Temple Bar. Temple Bar is a place and a pedestrian street. For a long time, tourists have been visiting the area to hear live traditional Irish music and get a drink or four. It is VERY touristy and not very traditional, but still a fun place to walk around and say hey I went to Temple Bar. In my college days, it was a fun place to go out when people visited and it’s where I celebrated my 21st birthday. I had to take Matt to get a drink in the same bar that I’d celebrated being legal in the USA. The singer at the bar we went to was playing Wagon Wheel, so that gives you an idea how “Irish” it’s going to be. If you’re hungry, there are plenty of slightly overpriced, but good restaurants in this area. If you’ve read some of my other travel posts, you may know that my rule of thumb is that I won’t eat somewhere that has someone outside with a menu. My favorite is the Porterhouse.

The Palace Bar

At this point, I apparently wasn’t done watching my husband drink, so I took him around the corner from Temple Bar to The Palace Bar. The Palace Bar is a Victorian bar with an extensive whiskey menu and they often have live Irish music. This is a really fun and quaint little bar where you can try amazing whiskeys or soda water for the preggo ladies. It was around the time the business day was closing, so it was full of locals catching a drink after work and I love the atmosphere. Even pregnant it was very fun to hang out and chat with the locals around us. 

Leo Burrocks Fish & Chips

Finally hungry and sick of watching Matt drink, we stopped at one of, if not, the most iconic fish and chip spots in Dublin. Leo Burdock Traditional Fish & Chips has been selling the fried fish and chip goodness in Dublin since 1913. It’s just a small place where you walk inside to a small counter and order for take away. Matt was extremely confused by this concept, but it’s really not hard. There’s a small menu with not too many options and you just order exactly what you want. You’ll need to ask and possibly pay for any sauces as well.

It was a perfect dinner stop on the way back to our hotel early to get some much-needed rest. Matt loves fish and chips and actually ate it almost every day and in every city of our babymoon. I’m a big fan of their chicken and chips and in Matts top two of the trip. To end our first night, we sat in our hotel eating fish/chicken and chips on the bed and watched a
n Irish soap opera. It was the perfect ending to a great start to our babymoon!

Where to Stay

You have lots of options on great places to stay in and around Dublin. Since we are Americans we are fond of American style modern hotels and members of Hilton rewards. We like to use this to our advantage and rack up points as we travel as Hilton has hotels all over the world and normally are similar to U.S. hotels that we know we like. Therefore we stayed at Hilton Dublin Kilmainham Hotel.

We enjoyed the convenience of this hotel. It was an easy walk to catch a bus or grab a taxi at the front door. The hotel was a small Hilton that included a bar, restaurant, and allowed access to a gym and pool downstairs. We ate the restaurant our last night and it wasn’t our favorite meal, but still very good.  My husband used the spa, while I put my already sore feet in. It was very relaxing. Be warned you do need a swim cap if you intend to swim.


To get from the airport to the hotel we used the Airlink bus, which you can pay for and pick up right at the airport baggage terminal. You can take this bus from the airport to many locations around Dublin. If it doesn’t drop you off right at whatever hotel you are staying at, you can get a quick taxi right to your door.

Dublin is an easily walkable city normally, but when you are pregnant you may not want to walk everywhere. Our hotel was just outside the main city center, so I was not about that walk. We got a Leap Visitor Card, which you can buy in 1, 3 and 7-day increments. We purchased ours at Bus & Travel Information Desk (T1 Arrivals). The Leap card included fare for the Airlink bus and all other transportation we needed within the city (besides taxi) and even a day trip using the DART rail line.

  • Airlink 747 & 757 airport bus services
  • All Dublin Bus scheduled services (not valid on tours)
  • All Luas (tram) services
  • DART and Commuter Rail in the Short Hop Zone (all of Dublin city and county)



The Edison at Disney Springs


Light up the night! Disney Springs new bar and restaurant The Edison has opened its doors.

The Edison at Disney Springs

Themed as a 1920s electric company serving craft cocktails and American food this new hot spot is a mix of steampunk and elegance. They have unique acts like contortionists, aerialists, live cabaret, DJs and more. I expect it to join the list of adult favorites at Disney World.

It’s 21 and up after 10:00 pm with a dress code and a cover charge on weekends.

Men may wear slacks, jeans or dress shorts. Jackets are optional. No ball caps, sleeveless shirts or flip-flops allowed.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, there will be a $10 cover charge starting at 10:00 pm.

What do you think would this new spot make your list on a trip to Disney?

The Edison at Disney Springs

10 Baby Registry Must-Haves For A Newborn


Our baby has just reached the 6-week mark! It has been a crazy fun and exciting ride this first month. I did so much research while I was pregnant and worked hard to register for everything I thought we needed for our baby. I was surprised by the things I actually used and loved during that first month and I even missed some things I now feel like I can’t live without. Based on my first 6 weeks with a newborn here are my top 10 baby registry must-haves for a newborn.

*This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking on these links, we will be compensated. All of these items are items we purchased or were gifted and use!

1.) Boppy

If you plan to nurse you will LOVE the Boppy! This breastfeeding pillow will quickly become your best friend. After one night breastfeeding in the hospital, I had my husband go get my boppy and I use it every day. It helps so much with supporting the baby and my arm! There are tons of fun different covers you can buy as well. I have the Boppy Water Resistant Protective Cover to protect it from spills and spit up.  We also have a cute velvet bear slipcover that was purchased by a relative from Pottery Barn Baby.

2.) Pack N’ Play

This is something I did not register for but should have! I didn’t see the need to immediately get a pack n play. I thought they were for bigger babies when traveling. That is so not the case. Right before our baby was born, I found a great deal on this great smaller sized pack n’ play, the Graco Pack N’ Play Playard Jetsetter Sunshine. It’s lighter weight and smaller than a traditional play yard and fits into a backpack to travel with. It comes with a sun cover, diaper change pad, and bassinet for a newborn. Right now we aren’t traveling with it, but it fits perfectly tucked away in our living room and used for diaper changes and nap time!

3.) Swaddles

We use so many swaddles! Our baby sleeps so well swaddled and basically not at all if he isn’t swaddled. Our sleep is due to the amazingness of swaddles. We registered for and originally only used the aden by aden + anais Disney Baby swaddles. They are adorable cotton cloth swaddles, but we quickly learned our baby is a ninja and gets out of those. We later purchased the HALO SleepSack Swaddle and the SwaddleMe Original Organic Swaddle and he sleeps like a dream in both. I recommend registering for all three since you don’t know which ones you baby will like best. Plus, we still use the Aden + Anais swaddles as blankets in the car seat and stroller.

4. Boppy Newborn Lounger

Yes another Boppy item, but I love this thing! As I’m typing this, my baby is sitting in his Boppy Newborn Lounger next to me. It’s the perfect place to put the baby when you need two hands, but want them next to you and also great for tummy time! Trust me your arms will want a break and your baby will love it.

5. mamaRoo

Yes, another item to put the baby down! Our baby loves bopping up and down on his 4moms mamaRoo! He will stare up at the little balls and even take little naps in it. It’s absolutely perfect for keeping him entertained while we do something or for him to watch the world around him.

6.) Pumping Bra

This item I didn’t buy or register for because I didn’t think I would pump until way later. Well, I started pumping right when I got home from the hospital to help my milk come in and I desperately needed a handsfree pumping bra. If you don’t get a pumping bra you’re stuck holding the cups to yourself for up to thirty minutes and that’s super annoying! I love this Hands-Free Pumping Bra because you basically can’t see anything, it’s easily adjustable, works with any pump, comes in three colors and has a zipper front.

7.) Multiuse Car Seat Cover

The  Car Seat Cover Canopy and Nursing Cover by Copper Pearl is super soft, stretchy and so useful! I use it daily as a car seat cover and nursing cover when I need to nurse in public. When it’s not on the car seat, I put it around my neck as a scarf and once our baby is bigger it can be a seat cover for a high chair or shopping cart. I use it so much that we have two one striped and one plaid.

8.) Baby Carrier

Our baby is only a newborn still and both my husband and I have used our baby carriers. We have the LILLEbaby Complete Airflow Baby Carrier and Ring Sling. Since our baby was over 7lbs at birth we were able to use both since day 1. I mostly use the ring sling and my husband uses the airflow baby carrier. We use them around the house when we need two hands while still carrying the baby and they are awesome to use at places like the grocery store. Our baby falls instantly alseep in the ring sling, he loves it!


9.) Newborn Cloth Diapers

We are cloth diapering and loving it! Getting cloth diapers in a newborn size was truly something I was torn about. A lot of people use disposables until their baby is bigger, but we decided to get newborn size cloth and use them from day 1. I am so happy we did the disposables leaked and were just gross and smelly! It is so simple to wash the cloth diapers and they fit our baby better. We use All In One, pocket, and Prefolds with covers and I love all of them all. In the beginning, it was easiest to use All In Ones. We have a mix of brands, but for the price the Imagine Baby Products work just as well for us as our Rumparooz Lil Joey and Thirsties. Plus the prints are just adorable, one of my favorites is the Anchor print below! Right now both my husband and I prefer the hook and loop (velcro) over the snaps.

10.) Zip Sleepers

At that 3:00 am diaper change, you will be happy to have a zip sleeper. It’s so much easier to change a baby with these easy zippers rather than the sleepers with snaps. We have a few of these Burt’s Bees Baby Zip Sleepers and as soon as he outgrows them I will be purchasing more in the next size. They are my absolute favorite clothing item our baby currently uses and I wish I had 20 more, plus they are adorable!

So far, these are my top 10 registry must-haves for our newborn. With a newborn you truly don’t need too much besides clothes, a safe sleeping space and diapers, so everything else is just really to help make life easier. I didn’t put our stroller, car seat, or bassinet on this list and yes you need those, but we purchased these items ourselves, I didn’t register for them, I feel like everyone is looking for something really different in those items and besides the bassient, we don’t use them daily. We have a Pottery Barn Bassinet, a Bugaboo Stroller (we got ours secondhand), and a Maxi Cosi Car Seat in case you are wondering. And yes I absolutely love all three!

I’m sure my must-have list will change as our baby gets older and we use different items more than others, but right now we use all of these items constantly! Good luck with your little bundle of joy and let me know what items you can’t live without.

The First Month With Baby


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Provincial Belle Running Costume


Provincial Belle is a fun easy to put together running costume. Running in runDisney races has become a true passion, okay maybe an addiction, of mine. I was hooked after my first 5k and quickly upgraded to a 10k just the following fall! For my second race, I had to wear one of the fun costumes I saw on the race course at the 5k. I came up with the idea of doing Provincial Belle because I was running at the runDisney Wine & Dine 10k and that weekend has the Lumiere challenge, which made me think of Belle. (more…)

Peter Pan Nursery


From just about the moment we found out we were pregnant we wanted to do something special with our baby’s nursery. With my love of Disney, something using a Disney classic was likely in the cards, but we did want it to be something a little different. During my pregnancy, we went to see Finding Neverland and I came up with the idea that a Peter Pan Neverland nursery would be the cutest idea for a boy. We didn’t know what we were having at that point, but the minute we found I immediately knew we had to go through with that idea. We had so much fun putting together this room and I (more…)

Epcot for Adults


There are so many wonderful things Disney has to offer for adults. No matter what others have told you, Walt Disney World is not just for kids. From the amazing restaurants, rides, shows and shopping to eating and drinking around the world, there’s a lot (more…)

1st Birthday Tutu and Onesie Tutorial


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